Brian Rolph Professional and Certified Life Coach 0403 290 871 Why not live your life more fully? NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR GREATNESS!
Brian Rolph Professional and Certified Life Coach0403 290 871  Why not live your life more fully?  NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR GREATNESS!  

How Coaching Works

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

I tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment.

Individual coaching takes place wherever you are comfortable - your home or office, my office or any other quiet place. 


As I'm striving to achieve optimum results in a partnership for my client, I always aim to provide value and over-deliver. 


Historically, my philosophy has been to strictly limit the number of clients I have at any given time. 


My typical client typically has a burning desire to make positive and dramatic, permanent life changes.


My full-time job will be dedicated to you and your success and happiness.


I will invite you to periodically assess my service and personal progress.  My only interest is seeing your growth.  My success is contingent upon yours and I will conistently work hard on your behalf to ensure your development. 


At the end of each month, together we'll rate my performance.  We will continue our  professional relationship IF the following questions are answered with an emphatic  'yes!'

  • Do you feel I am I worth it?;
  • Is our relationship enhancing your life and lifestyle?

How Long Is the Process?

Coaching deals with an intentional change of your personality. This does not happen from one day to the next. Some clients make coaching an integral part of their life. But perhaps right now you are only seeking help for a specific situation. That’s fine.  I recommend 12 months to see a lasting change.

Ready to take the next step in your personal development?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you regarding your professional or personal development needs.

Brian Rolph



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